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Natural Honey
Spokane Washington
14606 S. Stangland Rd
Cheney, Washington
Phone Number - 1-509-299-9085
E-Mail - Jim
or - Jenine
Revised - 3/1/21
Extraction Schedule for 2021

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There is a new system in place for extraction.

We are fully booked for extractions in 2021.
Rules for Extraction.
1. No Honey Bees in Extraction Boxes.
3. We must be notified 48 hours in
advance of cancelling.

Extraction Changes:
This is the hardest change of all. It is not a question of face masks and distances;
it is question of how do we make sure we are not infected as well as our customers.
We care and want this problem to go away. The changes are:
1. The current schedule for extraction has been changed.
2. The only people allowed in the honey house are the Millers.
3. If you are currently scheduled please call and confirm the dates
and time you will be dropping off your honey supers.
4. Several days before scheduled time please confirm the date and
time you will be dropping off your honey supers.
5. Once you have left the honey supers, we will extract the honey.
6. The following procedure will be followed:
a. Call Millers and confirm your reservation date
and time for dropping off the honey supers.
b. You will supply the five-gallon buckets to store your
honey in. OR you can purchase them from us.
c. Leave a contact phone number and e-mail with your honey.
d. Once we have extracted the honey, and it has been placed in
your buckets, we will contact you and a pick up date
and time will be agreed upon.
e. We will not be screening the honey this year.
You will find that most if not all of the bits captured by the screen
will float to the top of the bucket
f. The price for extracting honey this year is $0.30 per pound
with minumn charge of $30.00, whichever is the highest.

If you choose not to have Millers extract your honey this year, we understand.
However, please contact us so we don't sit around waiting on you to call.

Thank you and enjoy the wounderful world of beekeeping.
Please make sure you have a top on each stack of honey boxes when bringing them. We do not wish to adopt your honeybees.

If we don't have any openings, you have an option of renting equipment by contacting the follow site:

To contact them direct, go to:

Date Day Names
August 27, 2021 Friday
Rob Henry
Doug Johnson
Kathy Gray
Dave and Pam Zack
Mike Lavoie
Steve and Mike McBride
September 10, 2021 Friday
Harry & Evelyn McCartney
Linda Mielke
Angel Michel
Sue Beeman
Shawn Cole
Melody Descoteaux
September 17, 2021 Friday
Candy Torrence
Ernest Bergeron
Theresa Wiederhold
Bill Mossman
Avrilia Autrey
Bret and Janet Talbott
September 24, 2021 Friday
Ralph Wagner
Carmen Taylor
Bill Armstrong
Dave Hollowayk
Megan and Greg Boyer
Allen Bremner