Miller_Homestead_3_bear_logo Millers Homestead
Natural Honey
Spokane Washington
14606 S. Stangland Rd
Cheney, Washington
Phone Number - 1-509-299-9085
E-Mail - Jim
or - Jenine
Revised -1/19/2020
Where to Buy Millers Honey

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We always have a selection of healthy, natural honey at our store in Cheney.

Millers Homestead Honey can be found at the Main Market on the corner of Brown Street and Main Street. Their Web site is:
We also have a selection of lip balms and honey at Medical Lake Owl Pharmacy
In Cheney, Copy Junction carries our honey.
Cheney Owl Pharmacy
Rocket Market carries our Alfalfa Honey too

We also plan to be at:

Other places and dates will be added as they are determined.