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Natural Honey
Spokane Washington
14606 S. Stangland Rd
Cheney, Washington
Phone Number - 1-509-299-9085
E-Mail - Jim
or - Jenine
Revised - 08/14/17
Bee Purchase 2017

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All bee packages and queens have been sold.

Any special requests can be emailed to Jim.
E-Mail - Jim

Honey Bees Price
3 pound package of bees with Cariolan Queen
Sold out

3 pound package of bees with Italian Queen
Sold Out
Carniolan Queen
Sold Out
Italian Queen
Sold out.

Honey Bees Price
Basic Starter Bee Package. We will start a hive from a package. New and painted screened bottom board, hive body, 9 frames, one inline feeder, inner cover, telescoping cover, and a package of Carniolan bees. Once the bees start to lay eggs they will be ready for pickup. Package should be ready by the last week in April. It depends on the bees and the weather. Basic Starter Bee Package. The price will be listed soon. We will take a non refundable deposit of $185 to hold your order.

- Jim